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About BCBP

Feeding children when they need it most

The BackPack Program was piloted in 1995 after a Arkansas school nurse noticed students coming back from weekends and school vacations with symptoms of hunger. Working with the local food bank, the nurse was able to provide school children with groceries in nondescript backpacks to carry home.

As an official program of the National Council of Feeding America, the BackPack program was brought to Berkeley County by a team of local parents in 2010. Through countless volunteer hours and generous donations from our sponsors and people like you, our mission of discreetly providing food to hungry Berkeley County students is becoming a reality.

Directors & Officers


Cindy Barber:  304-676-4934 or Cynthia.barber@comcast.net
Carol Beard: 304-261-8561 or carol.beard@frontier.com
Andrew Beckwith: 304-676-3820 or abeckwith@mybct.com
Fred Kerns: 304-279-6280 or fkerns@smallwoodsmall.com
Kristie Hadley, co-chair: 304-279-9394 or khadley@mybct.com
James Hersick:240-446-4495 or james@designisnative.com
Tony Petrucci:  304-676-2678 or petrucciice@aol.com
Jennifer Yeater, co-chair: 304-279-2142 or berkcobpprogram@yahoo.com


Executive Director/President: Lisa Henry 304-433-5796
Vice Presidents: Amy Hess 304-268-9314 and Connie DeHaven 304-671-2432
Secretary:  Angie Conklin 304-820-4641
Treasurer:  Chad Lawyer, CPA  304-263-9447
Food Drive Coordinator:
Volunteer Coordinator:


Without out our dedicated volunteers, feeding the hungry children of Berkeley County would be impossible. Whether they are bagging food or picking up and delivering donations, they make the BCBP happen.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers!
“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” ~ DeAnn Hollis

Thanks to our volunteer groups:
Tomahawk Christian Church
The Woods Resort
Hollingsworth Logistics Employees
Hedgesville United Methodist Church
St. Bernadette Catholic Church